En Root Travel is a travel group for HBCU alumni interested in service, building connections, and exploring the African Diaspora.

While acting on our commitment to positively connect Black people and culture globally, we make it a point to utilize the services of Black owned businesses and Black entrepreneurship. So join us and get ready to rep your HBCU!


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Tourism, Service, and Culture are the building blocks of all of our trips! We’ll explore famous landmarks, give back to local communities, and learn about the heritage of people in the African Diaspora.

South Africa (Johannesburg + Cape Town)


Join us and other HBCU alumni on a 9 day exploration of two of South Africa’s largest cities!

We’ll head to local markets and restaurants, learn about the history of South Africa, give our time and resources in acts of service, and enjoy the city night life!

Donations go towards funding our service opportunities.